Back to School

Enjoy your summer without having to worry about running from store-to-store to purchase your school supplies. This lucrative and parent friendly fundraiser offers you the advantage of earning monies for your school and helping your parents!


Great for band, pop warner's and any group that want's an extremely easy fundraiser. Each oversized bar comes in a carrier of thirty with a profit up to 50%. Our delicious assortment contains four varieties of Hershey's finest products including: Twizzlers, Reese's Peanut Cups, Almond bars and Kit Kat bars.


There's Snow Place Like Home

There's Snow Place Like Home Catalog


Towels & T-Shirts

This fundraiser is great for the end of the school year to help raise those last minute funds! Lots of fun towels and cool tee's, along with tote bags and other great items!

Metro Sports

Over 50 licensed items exclusively provided by us to enhance your holiday shoppe sales. All of your favorite professional and collegiate teams are included. We offer everything from pens to pennants to slippers!

Metro Carnival Games

We offer twenty different, fun carnival games, inflatables and food machines to make your end of school festivities a hit! Plus we offer these to you as a sign on bonus, if you so choose!

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